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From the Low Country to the Bayou is an initiative envisioned by Howard Conyers to examine the entire  American South and with an emphasis on African based culture.  The south is very connected to other areas of the diaspora.  Food and music are the most recognizeable aspects, but connection to the land is critical whether in rural or urban areas.  People are the most important feature.  These curated experiences maybe in the form of demonstrations, dinners,  lectures and storytelling, as it will take a collective to tell, document and honor the entire culture while educating.

Agriculture has long provided the tissue linking culture to environment, cultural identity to food.  The inaugural Creole and Gullah Cooking Experience focuses on two distinct American Cultures, Gullah Geechee and Creoles that have influence from enslaved West Africans.  The followup was Jollof to Jambalaya as it showed the direct connection to West Africa.  The most recent event Sunday's BBQ Supper highlighted the Low Country and Pee Dee regions of SC.  Through these types of events, people become familiar with cultures that make up the American Story.

 These curated experiences can occur anywhere where the people who love and respect, the conversation and dialogue, last but not least the food, music  and its production.  Therefore, we strive our hardest to use locally source food, musicians, and artists when possible. 


Howard Conyers, PhD

The Idea
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